The XX Congress of SBBC will be held in a hybrid way from January 27th – 29th, 2021. For that purpose, we will have in-person activities at Maksoud Plaza Hotel, in São Paulo, Brazil and the program will have broadcast transmission online.

Registrations will be accepted in both ways, but according to security measures we will have limited seats and rooms. The participants at the Hotel will have access to online talks after the Congress.

All posters will be presented online and instructions will be published soon.

If you have already registered, we ask you to go back to your private area and choose which is the best registration for you.

New deadline for abstract submission: November 25th.

Join us at this new experience!

SBBC organizing committee

Conferências de abertura e encerramento
Opening conference
Jan 27th at 10h30 – (P/ON)
Dr Hans Clevers
Hubrecht Institute
Classics in Cell Biology & Closing Conference
Jan 29th at 17h00 – (P/ON)
In 2020, we are celebrating the 20th meeting of SBBC and Dr Wilson Savino (IOC FIOCRUZ, RJ) will talk about his career and academic life.
Symp. # Symposium Speakers Institution
1 Tumor cell microenvironment Chair & Speaker: Marcelo Lamers UFRGS
Speaker: Marcia Cury El-Cheik UFRJ
Speaker: Ruy G. Jaeger USP
2 System Biology as a model to study Cell Biology Chair & Speaker: Rodrigo J. S. Dalmolin UFRN
Speaker: Helder Nakaya USP
Speaker: Vinicius Maracaja Coutinho Universidad de Chile
3 Protein degradation Chair: Marcelo Damario Gomes USP
Speaker: Gabriela Nestal de Moraes INCA RJ
Speaker: Felipe Roberti Teixeira UFSCAR
4 Cell signaling from ECM Chair & Speaker: Hernandes Carvalho UNICAMP
Speaker: Alexandre Bruni Cardozo USP
Speaker: Martin Schwartz Yale
5 New insights into cardiac myocyte signaling Chair: Maria Luiza M. B. Chaves USP
Speaker: Silvia Guatimosim UFMG
Speaker: Danilo Roman Campos UNIFESP
Speaker: Emiliano Medei UFRJ
6 Employing stem cell-derived neural cells for understanding brain functioning and disorders Chair & Speaker: Daniel Martins-de-Souza UNICAMP
Speaker: Marimelia Porcionatto UNIFESP
Speaker: Patrícia B. Beltrão Braga USP
7 Cellular and Molecular Basis of Cancer Development Chair & Speaker: Luiz Eurico Nasciutti UFRJ
Speaker: Nathalia Meireles da Costa INCA
Speaker: Leonardo Karam Teixeira INCA
Adriana Franco Paes Leme LNBio, CNPEM
8 ER stress and the unfolded protein response: A signaling pathway critical for health and disease Chair: Estela Bevilacqua USP
Speaker: Raquel Franco Leal UNICAMP
Speaker: Marcelo Mori USP
9 Cellular metabolism Chair & Speaker: Alicia Kowaltowsky USP
Speaker: Ajit Divakaruni UCLA
Julio Cesar Batista Ferreira USP
10 Cell Biology of Fish, Fowl and Flies Chair & Speaker: Chao Yun Irene Yan USP
Speaker: Hozana Andrade Castillo LNBio, CNPEM
Speaker: Ricardo Guelerman P. Ramos USP
11 Extracellular vesicles Chair & Speaker: Ana Torrecilhas UNIFESP
Speaker: Yifat Ofir Birin Weissmann Institute
Speaker: Lysangela Alves  
12 Cell biology of inflammation: targets in the gastrointestinal tract Chair & Speaker: Gustavo Menezes UFMG
Speaker: Eduardo Zimmer UFRGS
Speaker: Larissa Dias da Cunha USP
13 Molecular and cellular basis of muscle differentiation and repair Chair & Speaker: Claudia Mermelstein UFRJ
Speaker: Lucia Alvares UNICAMP
Speaker: Ingo Riederer FIOCRUZ
14 Animal models of neurodegenerative diseases Chair & Speaker: Marilene Lopes USP
Speaker: Marco Prado University of Ontario
Speaker: Vania Prado University of Ontario
15 Scientific diplomacy: taking science across the national boundaries Chair: Thereza Christina Barja-Fidalgo UERJ
Speaker: Maria Augusta Arruda University of Nottingham
Speaker: Amâncio Jorge S. N. Oliveira USP
The final schedule for rooms and dates, and the titles will be announced soon.
Conf. # Chair Speaker Institution
1 Alexandre B. Cardozo Martin Schwartz Yale, USA
2 Marimélia Porcionatto Joshua Rubin Washington University St. Louis, USA
3 Ruy Jaeger Anselmo Moriscot USP, Brazil
4 Ana Claudia Torrecilhas Neta Regev Rudzki Weissmann Institute, Israel
5 Ayumi Aurea Miyakawa Christoph Ballestrem The University of Manchester, UK
6 Hernandes Carvalho Kildare Miranda UFRJ, Brazil
7 Vanessa M. Freitas Alissa Weaver Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, USA
8 Sergio Schenkman Ulrike Kemmerling PUC, Chile
9 Enilza Espreafico Celeste Nelson Princeton University, USA
10 Irene Yan Roberto Mayor University College London, UK
11 Vilma Martins Marilene H. Lopes USP, Brazil
12 Wilson Savino Tatiana Coelho-Sampaio (TBC) UFRJ, Brazil