Video-poster sessions: We invite all participants and speakers to visit our video-poster sessions and vote to select the best presentation- a form will be sent to the email registered in our system.


All the studies submitted to the XX Congress will be presented as recorded videos. The instructions are:

Presentations must be recorded (using any software or application for this purpose) following
rules below:

  • The video should take 3-5 minutes maximum
  • Size of the file: 50MB maximum
  • Extension
  • Format: the presentation must be recorded using a ppt or pptx file in presentation mode in full screen
  • The recording must be provided with narration (voice over), only audio, without the image of the presenter / speaker.
  • Content: they should contain the title, background, aims, methodology, results, and comments and indicate any ethical approval and financial support
  • Upload of the video: between January 11th. – 20th., 2021 – you will receive the link to upload the video on the platform on January 11th.

Below some tips that can help you to do an excellent presentation:

Tip #1: use animation effects only if extremely necessary to illustrate your results.

Tip #2: use a proper headset or earphone with a good quality microphone for the audio recording.

Tip #3: record the presentation in a silent place, free of external noises.

Tip #4: use the Power Point digital pointer feature to make your presentation more didactic as much as pertinent.

Tip #5: if you want to present yourself to the audience, include a face picture of yours on the paper title presentation slide.

Applications which may be used (some options as per suggestion):

Instructions for Submission

In 2020, SBBC will open two deadlines for abstract submission as we consider that it will be important for participants to have the result from abstract analysis early and be able to apply for funding and travel grants.


1st deadline: March 3rd
Abstract analysis beginning on April 3rd

2nd deadline September 30th
Abstract analysis beginning on October 1st

ATTENTION: We kindly inform that to submit an abstract you should pay your registration first and consider that there will be a lag time of 24h (working days) or 48h (weekends) for bank and credit card confirmations.

If your payment has not been confirmed, please send a copy of the print of your payment to sbbc2020@interevent.com.br

Please, do not let to send your abstract on deadline day, because the system may get overloaded.

Each registered author is allowed a maximum quota of two abstracts. To submit a third abstract, another author must be registered.

You will receive a confirmation email after successfully completing the submission of your abstract.
If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact us by email or phone.

Online Submission:
  1. Text should be written in English (make sure it does not contain spelling or grammar mistakes- non-revised texts will not be considered);
  2. Limit text to 250 words (check topic 03);
  3. Abstract should contain:
    – Background;
    – Aims;
    – Methods;
    – Results;
    – Conclusion;
    Information on ethical approval and funding support.
  4. Use Arial font 10. The system does not accept tables;
  5. Do not include the title and authors names on online submission text.
  6. Approval from Ethical Committee on Animal or Human studies should be informed when necessary.

ATTENTION – FILE TEXT SUBMISSION (both procedures have to be completed- online and file submissions)

There is an area at the online form to upload a Word file.

This document shall contain:

  • Title; Authors names and affiliations, contact details and disclosures; items from topic 03 (online submission)
  • The file containing the abstract should be formatted as: arial 10, line spacing: 1.5; justified paragraph
  • List of authors
    Full name and affiliation(s) should be provided. This information must be included in the abstract file (doc or docx) as mentioned above. Please, make sure to use to correct font size and formatting.
    Ex: José Silva (1), Carlos Silva (2), Ana Silva (1,2).
    (1) Department of Cell and Tissue Biology, University of Brazil, São Paulo, Brazil.
    (2) Department of Cell Biology, University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • The name and address of the presenting author should be underlined, together with their email and complete telephone contact details (institutional and mobile). This information must be included in the abstract file (doc or docx).

** The registered author will be considered for correspondence and will be able to check the status of evaluation at his/her personal page on the system until May 28th.

** All authors should disclose any financial or personal relationships with individuals or organizations that could be perceived to bias their work. All sources of funding should also be declared.

** The author should be registered before sending the abstract.

ATTENTION: Abstracts that do not follow these formatting rules will be automatically declassified.

Areas – At least one area should be indicated for abstract submission as the chart below:
– Cancer
– Extracellular vesicles
– Cell death
– Neurobiology
– Cell cycle
– Cell Trafficking
– Organelles
– Organoids
– Cytoskeleton
– Plant Cell Biology
– Developmental biology
– Differentiation
– Signaling
– Education in Cell Biology
– Stem cells
– Exo / Endocytosis
– Reproductive Cell Biology
– Extracellular Matrix
– Tissue Engineering


Because of the pandemic, we will not have in-person poster sessions. All the studies submitted to the XX Congress will be presented as recorded videos. The instructions are:

  1. videos should be recorded in 3-5 minutes;
  2. Language: English
  3. they should contain the background, aims, methodology, results and comments, and indicate any ethical approval and financial support
  4. according to the schedule, presenters will be added to different virtual rooms and they should be online for questions & answers.